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“I was at a conference in Boston, looked around and for the first time noted all the gray-haired women, me included, in the audience.  The realization was startling, I was one of them and like your poem ‘Forecast’ (Page 6) knew at that moment I had “crossed over.” 

     Other Reader examples of crossing over:

“I had a grab-bar installed in my shower.”

“Street construction workers no longer call out: ‘Hey Red!’ because of my hair.”

“At the movies I was sold a senior ticket without being asked.”


“I sat down to read a couple of poems and got up an hour and a half later.  Had dinner and sat down to read it again.  Thank you.  It was a workout.”


“This is the bible for late-life living!”


"We begin our monthly book club meeting by reading and discussing 2 poems from OWS."


“Every time I walk out the door I say the Intention: ‘I expect to be greeted with kindness’ (Page 47). It’s become a daily ritual. I feel changed by this one small action.”


“I’ve given the book to 5 of my therapy clients. They use the poems for discussion, to trigger memory and to deal with their own aging.”


“I did not have children. When I read ‘The Assumption’ (Page 56) I knew exactly what you were talking about.  And I sobbed in recognition.”


“I helped my 83-year old friend write her eulogy after reading ‘The Reading Script’ (Page 64). I never would have thought to do this. It helped my friend feel more in control of her life.  Me too!”


“I use the Reading Guide (Page 70) in a Senior Center where I lead a writing group.

The poems have engendered an explosion of memories, of written work that I would not have expected. It’s been a wonderful cathartic experience for all of us.”


“You prove poetry is within my reach.   You’ve made it accessible.”


“This book is the best present to give to others! Flat and easy to mail.  Funny and thoughtful and smart and sad.  All the emotions of getting older.”

Readers Write
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