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"Even tho I'm not a fan of poetry, I found Jane Seskin's poems to be a delight. They hit home."

        -Jane Brody, Former Personal Health Columnist, NY Times

"Jane Seskin writes with keen insight and eyes open to the inadvertent miracles in our everyday."

        -Arthur Sze, author of Glass Constellation

"Candid, funny, and, best of all, inspiring, the poems in Jane Seskin's Older, Wiser, Shorter throw open a window

on aging. Suddenly, a breeze of resilience sails through. I learned from Seskin's poems: they become like mentors for the strange adventure of late-life living. Kindness infuses them."

        -Molly Peacock, author of The Analyst

“Your words jump and laugh and rest and reach…it’s an activity reading these poems! I love them.”
        -Elizabeth Lesser, co-founder Omega Institute, author of Broken Open and Cassandra Speaks

"I sat down to read one poem last night and I ended up reading half the book. I feel as though I know you. You have definitely captured the experience of aging."

         -Mary Pipher, author of Women Rowing North and My Life in Light

"Jane Seskin's poems take us into her world and shed new light on our own. An important book for older women and those who care for and about them."

         -Ann Burack-Weiss, Ph.D, LCSW, author of The Lioness in Winter: Writing an Old Woman's Life

"You don't need to be at a late stage of life to appreciate and learn from Seskin's energetic collection of poems ...

We are blessed to have a work such as this to help us see our way gracefully."

          -Justen Ahren, author of Devotion to Writing

"...Her poetry is honest, heartbreaking, witty and uplifting, a gift she wraps in gratitude."

        -Carol Waldman, MS, Gerontology, Former Executive Director, Glen Cove Senior Center

27th Annual Writer’s Digest

Judge’s Commentary on OLDER, WISER, SHORTER by Jane Seskin


This collection blew me away. I loved the range of topics, the range of depth and feelings, the honest discussions of experiences and thoughts from a rich and fruitful life. It felt like there was a sense of confidentiality and trust between the writer and the reader that made me enjoy these poems even more. The poems made me chuckle, startled me, made me think, and made me feel. They were eye-opening and provoked responses. I loved the tone of the writing, the varied structure of the poem’s forms, the word choice, and the ability the author had to use all those tools to clearly convey such intense feelings and life moments. One of my favorite things about reading anything is when it can deal with the delightful joy right alongside the difficulties and major hardships. This collection accomplished that. In so much of this book it felt like the reader is invited right into the world and thoughts of the writer as she continues to live and think and process. I loved it.

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